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Joseph Bridgewater (00/00/1793 - 00/00/1871)

Old faded portrait

Susannah Granger (00/00/1827 - 26/09/1893)

Susannah and her children in formal pose.
Her Brood
Susanna in her 40's?
Marriage Certificate to Eli Thorne
Marriage Certificate

Levi Ambler (00/00/1835 - 29/03/1890)

Marriage Certificate to Mary Ann Verity
Marriage Certificate

Samuel Knight (24/06/1838 - 30/04/1912)

Portrait of Samuel with Annie in their old age.
Married Couple

Eli Thorne (00/00/1839 - 01/09/1914)

Eli Thorne in old age.
Formidable Looking Gentleman
Marriage Certificate to Susanna Granger
Marriage Certificate

Hannah Bridgewater (19/04/1840 - 31/10/1910)

Hannah with children Joe, Aec & Willie
The Brood
Hannah with Joe, Alec & Willie
The Brood
Hannah in her old age.
Old Woman

Eliza Parry (17/12/1842 - 21/01/1937)

Formal, posed portrait
Formal Portrait
Eliza in her dotage

Annie Jones (19/08/1843 - 15/02/1922)

Portrait of Annie with Samuel in their old age.
Married Couple

William Willcocks (12/01/1848 - 02/03/1923)

William with young family.
Young Family
William with older and more children.
Expanding Family

Charles (Wrench) Platt (25/08/1848 - 05/01/1910)

Charles and (large) family at farm.
Assembled Multitude
Portrait of Charles as a young man.
Young Man

Mary Ann Verity (08/03/1850 - 00/00/1939)

Portrait taken in house.
Mary Ann Ambler as an old woma
Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate to Levi Ambler
Marriage Certificate

Jane Jones (00/00/1853 - 00/00/1921)

Jane with Henry Vann.
Married Couple

Henry Vann (17/08/1854 - 00/11/1934)

Henry with Jane Jones
Married Couple

Annie Platt (06/03/1869 - 14/07/1926)

Annie Platt and her daughter Gwendoline Parry
Annie and Gwendoline

Mary Jane Scott (00/00/1871 - 00/00/1925)

Mary Jane Scott in old age

Sabina Thorne (01/02/1871 - 18/07/1934)

Sabina in her 30's?
Family portrait of Sabina with Albert and youg Kitty
Proud Mother
Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate to Albert Willcocks
Marriage Certificate

John Knight (04/03/1872 - 16/08/1952)

Portrait c1950

Albert Willcocks (11/08/1872 - 06/12/1952)

Formal portrait of a teenage? Albert.
Young Bert
Studio portrait of Albert and Sabina with a young Kitty.
Pround Father
Formal portrait of a middle aged Albert.
Old Albert
Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate to Sabina Thorne
Marriage Certificate

Samuel Knight (19/06/1875 - 26/03/1954)

Samuel with newborn daughter, Edith
Pround Father
Portrait c1950 (with masonic badge?)

Jane Platt (20/10/1877 - 08/11/1970)

Standing formal portrait
With eldest great-grandchild

Joseph Bate Bridgewater Booth (23/02/1878 - 14/02/1933)

Portrait of Joseph as a young man.
Young Man
Suspect this would have been taken in middle age.
Married Couple
Joseph with Lily and Norman
Young Family

With Bicycle

As a child
JBB Booth c1930
JBB Booth c1930

Lilly Vann (02/11/1881 - 29/04/1967)

Probably taken in middle age.
Married Couple

Young Woman
Lilly with Joseph and Norman
Young Family

Mid 1930s Snapshot

Harry Ambler (23/03/1886 - 06/05/1932)

Studio Portrait of Harry and Ada
The Happy Couple
Portrait of Harry
Young Harry
Death Certificate
Death Certificate

Ada Adams (18/10/1887 - 02/02/1968)

Portrait of Ada as a young woman. c1905
Studio portrait of Ada and husband Harry Ambler. c1909
The Happy Couple
Old Ada in the street, possibly at a family wedding. c1960
Old Ada

Edith Mary Knight (19/06/1906 - 29/04/1941)

Edith as a baby with her father Samuel
Edith and father

Norman Booth (05/10/1907 - 25/02/1992)

Norman in Pram (undated)
Aged about 2-3
Norman (undated)

Seaside c1910
Norman as a young boy.
Whipping Boy?
Liverpool University Cross Country Team.
Studio Portrait of c1930
1930's Portrait
Colonel Norman Booth (civil), Germany 1946
Germany 1946
Photo from the BOC Press Office.
BOC Press Photo
Norman receiving a watch on his retirement.

Marjorie Knight (03/11/1907 - 09/09/1999)

Extract from 1918 Class photo
Marjorie at school

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